Our innovative Course Board Platform allows users to browse ultra-personalized training courses whilst allowing you to increase your revenue opportunities and boost your audience’s engagement.

Offer your users more and connect them with the opportunity to further their expertise, learn new skills and take their careers to the next level.

Fully flexible and highly configurable, our courses technology enables the perfect representation of your brand and a custom approach to your markets and activities. 

The Guardian Courses Board Platform by Madgex

Product Features

Why choose Madgex?

Revenue opportunities

Offer trainers and providers the chance to reach your unique audience through Course advertising. Use our extensive sales inventory to increase their exposure and maximize your revenue generation. 

The Telegraph Madgex Course Board Technology

Boost your audience engagement

Grow your audience share and deepen engagement by giving your users the tools they need to progress their careers. Our Courses software allows your users to discover relevant training opportunities to help them to further their professional careers. 

Responsive Job Board Madgex

Build stronger relationships with your users

With a mix of usability research, analytics, benchmarking and market trend analysis, our technology is built to ensure optimal results for your courses board. We take a user-centered approach to ensure your course board will deliver a high quality experience at every touch point.

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Be there at every stage of their career

Help your users to further their careers and achieve their professional goals by being their trusted resource for training guidance. Our Courses platform allows you to integrate rich content, offering your users all the advice and direction they need.

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