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August 23, 2016 Why niche job boards are a powerful tool in the war for talent Megan Saker, Head of Marketing

Why niche job boards are a powerful tool in the war for talent

With the current skills shortage many employers are finding it increasingly difficult to find good talent. In order to attract trained professionals, employers are having to rethink their recruitment process. Advertisers are really having to think about where they look for talent, and how they can maximize the ROI on their job postings. 

For many, they will look to large, generalist job boards in order to reach the widest audience possible. But in specialist sectors, where there is a need to address the lack of skilled workers, it’s often quality rather than quantity of candidates that counts.

According to CareerXRoads Colloquium, job boards remain one of the top three sources for recruiting, however there has been a shift towards niche boards in recent years.

While niche boards aren’t a new concept in the recruitment industry, it is their ability to attract candidates with specialist skills and knowledge that makes them so relevant in the current marketplace. Instead of employers casting a wide net and hoping to catch the right person, niche boards enable them to place their jobs in front of a target audience.

This results in less time wasted sifting through unsuitable resumes and more time spent reviewing each application, ensuring a more efficient and successful recruitment process. It is far better to receive 10 resumes with the right skill sets and experience, than 50 resumes from those not suited to the position.

Similarly, job seekers don’t have to trawl through hundreds of adverts before finding a suitable position. Niche boards connect the right people to the right job.

A report by US recruitment company MRINetwork revealed that 83% of employers see the employment market as ‘candidate-driven’. This means they hold all the power when job seeking, so employers need to find new ways to get their attention.

A niche job board is the perfect vehicle for engaging with job seekers as they offer interesting and informative content, alongside job adverts. Many start life as a community site or blog, before setting up a job board when they realize money can be made from companies keen to tap into their audience.

A great example of this is Mumsnet – new mums use the site for advice and support and when they are ready to head back into the workplace, they can search for jobs that fit in with their family life.

It’s also a win for employers advertising here, as they know their target audience and what kind of advert will generate applications – from flexible working hours to family friendly policies.

In addition, this connection makes niche boards the perfect vehicle for attracting passive job seekers, which represent 60% of the workforce. While they may not be actively looking for a new job, if potential candidates regularly visit a trusted website, and job listings are just one click away, they are more likely to consider new employment opportunities.

With a more targeted recruitment pool, less competition and an engaged and loyal audience, niche job boards offer quality verses quantity. Which in the war for talent is a powerful weapon to have in your recruitment arsenal.