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January 12, 2016 The rules of attraction: How to encourage employers to your job board Stephanie Mills, Communications Manager

The rules of attraction: How to encourage employers to your job board

As a job board owner you may have a strong engagement levels and a high visitor rate, and maybe even have a niche in the market. You may be attracting employers and advertising, and good ones, but - as always – you’d like to attract even more. But how?

See who’s out there

Do some of the leg work. Make potential advertisers lives easier by going to them, and find out if they’re looking for new hires.

Take regular looks at the main players in your field, and sign up for their job alerts (if available). If not, or in addition, utilise Google Alerts, where automated emails are generated when user-specified topics are posted about. (Remember to use Boolean search terms to get the best results.)

This approach keeps a job board owner not only on top of who’s looking, but also on top of trends in their industry or location. Awareness of their community builds authority and makes them the “go-to” expert.

Check out some profiles

Social media has been seen as increasingly valuable in the online recruitment arena and can help awareness. It is more than likely to be the first place - outside of their own site - that companies will post vacancies.

It can also be invaluable in giving you an overview of your market. Social media can be used to research who is advertising, what they’re advertising for and how much they are doing so.

It’s also great for back-tracing links - which means finding out where and with who companies are advertising their vacancies. This can give a job board owner a competitive edge - enabling you to approach their desired advertiser with what sets your job board apart from the one currently being used and what they can do differently.

Make a great (marketing) package

To entice that advertiser in, a job boards’ - and their clients’ - data needs to speak loudly. Success stories and vital statistics need to be included as part of the sales process.

For example, clients of ours often promote their upsells with data/phrases such as “Statistics support up to a 53% increase in applications when a Premium Job is used”. For a potential advertiser considering posting a job, this type of information can make a difference in their decision. 

Being able to provide precise data about the number of candidates, number of applications, traffic figures and customer satisfaction - this all speaks louder than promises and ideas.

Owners can also build common customer KPIs into their initial packages and customer conversations, then further tailor them towards each advertiser. Showing this interest in employers' satisfaction will help market upsells and build their confidence.

But to do all this, you need a partner that gives you the tools to access and understand your data.

Provide the best experience - trust your partner

The most vital rule of attraction is to build a job board that stands the test of time - and use. Repeat custom, repeat advertisers, speak volumes - and can be some of the best advertising for a board.

Investing in a great technology provider is the key to the best experience. By building on a strong platform, keeping your existing employers satisfied and attracting new ones becomes much easier. But what makes a great job board platform?

It should keep up with the latest developments in user-interface; offering mobile compatibility and even apps. The platform should have a host of proven upsells that provide great results (backed up by data stories). It should provide access and ownership of all data. And, perhaps most importantly, it should evolve with the changing demands of the employer market.

Madgex’s platform makes it easy for advertisers to utilize and maximize the potential of a niche job board. It provides a great platform which stands out from the crowd by offering data ownership, integrated content and branding; this underpinning point for job board owners.