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February 08, 2016 Great client relationships: Let the numbers do the talking Stephanie Mills, Communications Manager

Great client relationships: Let the numbers do the talking

A job board is only as successful as it’s customers. Establishing, and then building on, a good relationship is crucial.

In both respects, talking to your advertisers about what matters to them is the key.

This applies not only to potential advertisers but also your existing ones. Stay on top of contracts, don’t wait until the last day of a 12-month contract to say hello.

Maintaining an open line of communication keeps your employers happy, and able to talk to you if they’re not.

So, how?

Dropping them an email every now and then is standard practice; following it up with a phone call is better - people buy from people. But, if possible, investing extra time in your clients and talking in person is shown to be the best possible approach. Hubspot have found that 84% of people prefer face-to-face meetings, and 44% think that they are a better environment for tough, timely decision-making. Either way, talking to your client person to person ensures you start to build a great relationship.

But how to make those client meetings work best for both of you? By having great data to hand, and this is where Madgex provides an advantage.

Madgex’s job board platform allows job board owners extensive access analytics and reporting. This means you can look at a customer’s KPIs, and have a data-backed, fully informed conversation about what they can achieve. With Job Board Insight - our advanced data insight tool – job board owners can keep on top of what is happening with their client’s postings, and ensure they know where their efforts need to be focused.

These data stories can also be fed into your sales process. So whether you’re talking to an existing client about what’s happening, or a potential client about what could happen, your data can help do the talking.

Understanding your numbers helps job board owners to focus and drive sales, and associated marketing activity. Whether you’re looking at the smaller details such as applications per view, or the really important numbers such as candidate availability, being able to prove what you can offer your advertisers and report on your job board’s performance will strengthen your relationships with your clients.

By being able to personalize your data stories this way can vastly improve your relationship with your client, and can lead to organic opportunities to upsell them to relevant new products and services.

Re-promotion of what is on offer, by providing relevant reminders to existing customers, is great for both parties. It can be an opportunity to optimize postings from both sales and customer point of view, and potentially increase both advertiser loyalty and host revenue.

However, a compelling sales pitch - backed by data - is essential to the success of this conversation. Partnering with a provider that provides easy to use data tools means job board owners can take advantage of their client-generated data for mutual benefit.

Without it - or with more limited data analysis capability - hosts are unable to communicate effectively with their existing advertisers; unable to leverage their data to attract new advertisers and, ultimately, risk being less able to increase revenue. 

Knowing your data is crucial to the success of you Job Board. 

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