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June 20, 2017 Google partners with Madgex on a new job listing feature launching today Mike Fahey, Executive Vice President

Google partners with Madgex on a new job listing feature launching today

From today you may notice something different about Google. Now, a search for jobs on Google will surface a brand-new search experience to help people find jobs more quickly and efficiently, and Google have teamed up with us here at Madgex to test and launch this new feature.

Download the Madgex guide on Google for Jobs.

This new, immersive experience allows people to explore jobs from across the web and refine their search to meet their unique needs. This brand-new job listing experience formally launches today and Madgex has ensured its market-leading job board software is fully integrated and ready to go.

With this new search feature on Google, people will see at-a-glance details about the posting, such as the job title, location, whether it’s full-time, part-time or an internship, as well as the opportunity to access detailed information about each job. They can even see how long it would take to commute to the job from their home with the power of Google Maps.

One search will now bring up multiple jobs from multiple sources. It’s only when the person clicks the ‘apply’ button that they will be taken to the appropriate job board.

We’re happy to announce that all Madgex-powered job boards in the US can take full advantage of this new functionality from day one, thanks to our partnership with Google.


Madgex-Google Partnership

In their quest to optimize the feature and make it more useful for people looking for jobs on Search, Google was keen to ensure they were capturing jobs from top-flight brands such as The Washington Post, and as such, have been working with us as the industry-leading job board software provider, ahead of the launch. We’re pleased to announce that all our job boards in the US have the ability to integrate with Google’s new search results. 

As our CEO Tom Ricca-McCarthy says: “We power some of the leading brands in online recruitment, which led to Google approaching us to work on this new feature. They were looking for top job boards in the US and as Madgex powers high-quality brands such as The Washington Post and The New England Journal of Medicine we were an obvious partner for this new search facility.

“Ensuring Madgex-powered job boards are integrated with this new Google feature is part of our drive to provide our clients with the best functionality and ensure our job boards lead the way in recruitment technology.”

Only jobs posted on job boards that integrate with Google will receive traffic from this new, enhanced search feature. This means it is now more important than ever for job board owners to ensure they are partnered with the right technology provider.

As partners for this new Google initiative we have unique insight – be sure to register for our forthcoming guide on how to take advantage of Google’s new job feature and ensure you ‘own’ your job listings.

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