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February 10, 2016 Courses: Be there at every stage of their career Stephanie Mills, Communications Manager

Courses: Be there at every stage of their career

It’s estimated that candidates who are not actively looking for a new role make up just over 70% of the global workforce - according to Recruitment Buzz - and around 15% aren’t happy in their current position.

Some of these passive candidates are potentially great prospects for employers, as they can lead to long-term, quality hires - they have the skills and are ready to take the next step in their career. They would like to hear from employers, and employers would like to hire them.

However, some passive job seekers - and active ones - are just ‘shopping around’ for their next role are not necessarily looking to move ‘right now’. They have different needs.

It could be looking for the next career step or at least what they would need to get there. At the time of looking, they may not be qualified to take their next step, but still want to know what is out there and what the requirements are. Then, they go away and look at courses or workshops; ways to get to that next level.

But what if they didn’t ‘go away’? What if those career enhancements were offered natively, within the same site? There is huge potential on job boards for advertisements of career enhancements that would help candidates land their next role. That’s where Madgex’s Course Board platform comes in. 

Madgex’s software helps to target these more passive candidates. It ensures your users browse ultra-personalized training courses through data collected on what opportunities they are looking at, as well as where they are in their career currently. 

Job boards can become an asset in the eyes of candidates looking to potentially move roles or careers in the future by offering a range of relevant career enhancement opportunities. Therefore, a job board becomes the go-to place for job opportunities and the provision of relevant learning opportunities.

Becoming an authority in this secondary field, by connecting people with opportunities to further their expertise and learn new skills as well as find a new role, can result in a greater attraction of both active and passive candidates.

Through encouraging your job seekers to invest in their own future through courses, you are investing in the future of your job board. Providing candidates with the opportunity to develop their skills will result in a better quality of applicants across the board; attracting more employers and boosting traffic, resulting in more applications for both course providers and employers.

This authority across the career cycle within your recruitment field will not only bring a new set of advertising opportunities but will also provide a deeper engagement with your users and open up a new a revenue stream for your business.