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July 03, 2017 9 Warning signs that your job board data needs organizing Sue O'Neil, Managing Director, North America

9 Warning signs that your job board data needs organizing

Imagine if every time you visited Netflix you couldn’t find your favourite film or TV series. 

Your kids want to watch Harry Potter, but it’s been categorised under ‘horror’. Or you fancy binging on a new box set, but House of Cards is listed as a ‘romantic comedy’. You’d feel frustrated and pretty soon you’d look elsewhere for your home entertainment.

This is exactly how jobseekers feel when they can’t find the right openings on your job board. You might have the best quality jobs on the market, but if your data isn’t categorised correctly they won’t be able to find them.

Bad data isn’t just frustrating for the user, it’s potentially disastrous for your business, leading to a drop in traffic, job applications and engagement.

So how can you tell if your data needs to be redeployed?

The warning signs to look out for

  1. Views and application rates decrease If jobseekers can’t find relevant jobs, they can’t apply for them. It’s as simple as that. 
  2. Traffic drops off You can’t expect users to return to your job board if they can’t find the right jobs. Loyalty is based on a good user experience, so a drop in traffic is a clear sign your data has been poorly categorized. 
  3. Job alerts under-performing If the alerts you send out contain irrelevant jobs it won’t be long before you see an increase in people unsubscribing and a decrease in opens and click-throughs. 
  4.  Low returns on backfill jobs If users can’t find relevant jobs in their chosen categories, there will be fewer clicks and ultimately less CPC revenue. 
  5. Poor response to widgets If your widgets aren’t targeted well, the jobs promoted to individual users won’t be relevant. A web designer won’t be interested in project manager jobs. 
  6. Bad SEO Google is looking for relevant content and indexes your site based on taxonomy (categories). If your categories contain irrelevant jobs, it could affect your page ranking. 
  7. Misdirected job distribution If your jobs are incorrectly categorized, they may not be distributed appropriately to the right audience or align well to your distribution rules. 
  8.  Job distribution misspent budget If your jobs are incorrectly categorized, you’re also more likely to spend money trying to attract candidates that are ultimately not the ones you’re looking for
  9. Customer complaints If your data is bad, job seekers and employers will complain – or much worse, go elsewhere. So what can you do next to see if data quality is affecting your Key Performance Indicators (KPI)? Firstly, browse and search the job board to review listing results, just like a jobseeker would.  A great place to start is looking at the top keywords in your CMS ‘Search Keywords Report’. 

Do you see the jobs you’re expecting to see in the listing pages? If yes, fantastic!  If not, please speak to our team for further advice, tools and features available, and next steps.

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