How Science Careers – the job board produced by Science and AAAS propelled their job board up through the search rankings and grew their audience share.

The Challenge

Science Careers matches qualified scientists with jobs all around the world. Dedicated to serving the scientists worldwide, the long standing job board needed to boost its recruitment revenues and increase its traffic in order to generate increased profits for the association.

The Response

Moving to the Madgex platform, gave Science Careers all the tools they needed to grow their business. They were quick to utilize the extensive range of upsells to create attractive packages for recruiters which boosted their recruitment revenue.

With Madgex’s built in SEO tools, Science Careers was able to optimize every element of their job board and capitalize on its sophisticated functionality. In order to increase job seeker and recruiter conversion rates, Science Careers also developed targeted marketing campaigns using data reports from the Job Board Insight tool.

The Results

With a strong focus on increasing their site’s visibility and traffic, Science Careers was able to boost its organic search traffic by over 174%. Their targeted email campaigns also began to drive up website visits, with jobs alerts traffic rocketing by 80%. Their campaigns have proven to be on the mark, with job alerts applications increasing by almost 50%.

With a larger audience share (31% increase) and a wide range of revenue-generating packages available to employers, Science Careers has seen substantial growth in their profit margins.

ScienceCareers Responsive


"We were already a tried and trusted resource for job seekers and employers in the scientific recruitment space, so a major change of job board software needed careful consideration. The user experience from a job seeker perspective was of paramount importance and we needed to be sure that our business was in good hands and had the potential to grow. We transitioned to Madgex in 2013 and have experienced solid growth in volume of users, user activity and revenue."
Tracy Holmes, Associate Director, Science Careers/AAAS