After almost one year of maternity leave from Madgex towers tending to a new baby, I have found myself in a rather unique and special position. I have found myself at a career intersection, between the old and new. Returning to the same role, having the same manager, new faces on the team, new projects, and a new and improved computer at a very tidy desk. It's like the fresh start you get at a new job, which brings a gust of energy and ideas, combined with all the comfort of familiarity. So it wasn't too embarrassing to be signing off emails to colleagues with 'Xxx' and enjoying grown up company with abandon in the first week.

A lot can happen in a year and a lot has happened. Good things have happened. Remove the sweat and the toil (just mine actually) and it is easy to see the new job board design projects in the pipeline with a fresh and critical eye. In turn it is also easy to see that with an emphasis on quality, great work happens at Madgex. The reason I came to work here in the first place. I am also happy to welcome to the team a comrade in creative, sharing the workload and fighting the creative corner. Having a visually lead sparring partner proves that there are many ways to skin a job board. I think I now understand why some clients often like to see a design first, and then go away with it, before coming back with their own ideas.

Next week I will be shaping some more ideas around web typography at the Ampersand conference, which Madgex is sending me to again. Ampersand is a gathering for web designers and type enthusiasts all interested typography on the web. This time last year, I was heavily pregnant at the conference, needing a chair in the aisle, regularly escaping speakers presentations for cool air, water and snacks. This year I am very excited to be going again, and will be paying close attention to' Web Fonts as a Progressive Enhancement' and 'Typography in Responsive Design'. Both of which I hope will lead to new insights and ideas for the exciting responsive development project that we will be presenting to clients soon.

Which brings us back to the intersection of old and new. As the design team works vigorously re-designing the job board to be responsive *, we are making virtue out of the existing platform alongside embracing the new. Re-energizing the job board platform makes for a pretty exciting place to be working right now.

Madgex will be unveiling our new responsive design job board at our latest Future Innovations event which takes place on July 17th in London. If you are a Madgex client and would like to attend then please visit our event page for more information.

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