Author: Rob Sheppard, Product Manager, Telegraph Media Group

The Telegraph Jobs site moved onto the Madgex platform in the middle of 2012, with a new design that focused on driving awareness and traffic to our key sectors. In the increasingly competitive world of online job boards we wanted to focus our product, our clients and our users’ interest in our strongest areas. Therefore, our site homepage was set up to focus very clearly on these key sectors, with a further sector hub for each of these, for example Technology Jobs.

Initially, we ranked all of our sectors by number of Jobs, Candidates and Applications to identify which areas were strongest. By doing this, we aimed to recognise which of our existing sectors were driving good application rates without being promoted or if particular sub sectors could be broken out into their own sector.

In comparison to the normal report system, the JBI tool allows the user to quickly drill into the numbers and see what sub sector or type of vacancy is driving performance. Additionally, the way JBI pulls the job application and user data into one place means that multiple spreadsheets do not have to be repeatedly combined to achieve the same effect. In particular, the supply and demand reports in JBI visually identify sectors that actively need more jobs or clients to balance the performance.

Having ranked all of our sectors in this way, we were able to compare each of their performances and discuss their potential with our Sales team, combining the detailed information from the reports with anecdotal feedback from existing customers and discussions with potential recruiters in those areas. In each case, we focused on the existing number of jobs in each sector and the average application rate for them, as well of the size of our existing audience.

From this, we have been able to establish that Technology and FMCG had potential for further growth, combined with a successful blend of existing performance and audience. Previously, areas where we had strong sub sectors, it became clear that they should be promoted as a whole.

We launched the new sector landing pages at the beginning of February and are now actively promoting them - beginning with an infographic looking at “The Effect of Technology on Jobs” to boost candidate awareness of our new focus on this sector.

We’ll be watching the sector stats closely in JBI!

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