Jobseeker behaviour has changed dramatically in recent times, and responding quickly to these changes is crucial for job board owners in order to remain relevant to their users.

Madgex conducted a survey in the UK, US and Germany to determine how people identify, apply for and evaluate job opportunities to help understand this rapidly changing environment.

Here are the headline stats from this survey, is your job board catering for these behaviours? 

Job Seeker Behaviour Report Madgex 2017

The online user has come a long way since the early days of the web, and jobseekers are no exception. These sophisticated online users have extremely high expectations and interestingly aren’t solely interest in the job postings themselves. 

Millennials in particular are driving significant changes to the way in which we search for jobs as well as how we apply for them...

Job Seeker Behaviour Report Madgex 2017 2

With such sophisticated online users looking for more than just job postings, job boards need to act on the real pain points of their users to give them the best chance of satisfying their needs...

Job Seeker Behaviour Report Madgex 2017 3

The full report is available to download at

Download Global Jobseeker Survey

Alternatively, you can download the infographic here.

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