The people behind Women Like Us today launch two new businesses that will house the enterprise’s rapidly growing specialist part time recruitment service: Timewise Jobs and Timewise Recruitment.

The launch is being backed by 6 world-leading businesses: Bain & Company, Clifford Chance, Credit Suisse, Ernst & Young, Permira and Thomson Reuters ¹.

Timewise Jobs and Timewise Recuitment are being launched in response to escalating demand from both candidates and employers.

Brand new online jobsite Timewise Jobs ( will provide a space where recruitment agencies and employers from across the UK, can post branded ads directly, for any and all part time jobs².

Boutique agency Timewise Recruitment ( also specialises in part time jobs, and comprises of a team expert recruiters with more than 170 years of experience between them.

Timewise has 25,000 professionals with experience and skill, all looking for part time jobs, on its books. 83 per cent of applicants have 6+ years of professional experience. 3,000 are looking from financial and accounting backgrounds, 4,000 are looking are from marketing, media and PR and 2,000 come from the HR discipline. Because the focus is on part time rather than sector, other candidates come from a whole range of backgrounds, including office and secretarial, IT, legal and design.

The vast majority are based in London, though employers from anywhere in the country can post a job with Timewise Jobs.

Both businesses both use state-of-the-art recruitment technology. Timewise Jobs is powered by Madgex, a leading jobs board consultancy. Timewise Recruitment has been built by Reverse Delta, a full service web design company, specialising in recruitment. The agency will use the Microdec Profile and Broadbean recruitment software systems, day to day.

The development of Timewise was funded by Social Business Trust (SBT). SBT is a partnership of 6 world class businesses - Bain & Company, Clifford Chance, Credit Suisse, Ernst & Young, Permira and Thomson Reuters - that have combined their resources and expertise to help accelerate the growth of the UK’s most promising social businesses.

SBT’s Investment Committee provided Women Like Us with £200,000 as a growth capital grant and gave in-kind advisory support, to help develop Timewise’s branding, marketing and IT infrastructure.

Timewise Jobs and Timewise Recruitment join Women Like Us in the newly formed WLU group of businesses.

Women Like Us, the multi-award winning social enterprise that began at a grassroots level in north London, helps women with professional careers to return to work after having children, through career advice and support. From the beginning (2005) it offered an advice and support service, alongside a recruitment service all under the same brand, with the driving aim to provide women with the jobs to move into.

With exponential growth on the recruitment side, including a six fold growth in candidates, since 2005 (42 per cent per annum), a 27 per cent increase in employer clients year on year and now nearly a third (30 per cent) of non mums now registering to search for part time jobs, Women Like Us’ founders Karen Mattison MBE and Emma Stewart MBE decided to develop the agency and jobs board offering, and widen the appeal to include those who want to work part time, for reasons other than family.

Women Like Us will continue to provide advice and support to women on the return to work, and undertake research to help build a better future for working parents.

Karen Mattison MBE, who heads Timewise says: “Seven years ago, we set up a grassroots social business offering advice and support to mums returning to work. Wanting to provide a conclusion to that ‘back to work’ journey, we incubated a recruitment element, matching the women on our books to employers who needed skilled, experienced candidates who could work part time. From day one, demand was high. No-one had looked at ‘part time’ in this way before, as a sector in its own right. So many candidates need flexibility first and foremost in their lives. Incredible talent, from all kinds of backgrounds - solicitors, bankers, SEO experts, graphic designers - registered with us in high volumes. Employers immediately saw the advantage: one place from where to access highly trained, highly experienced staff, at less cost. We hit a completely untapped market. Demand has continued to escalate month by month, from both from candidates and employers. That ‘recruitment element’ has become a prosperous business in its own right, and deserves its own identity. So today, we are delighted to launch Timewise Jobs and Timewise Recruitment – the jobs board and agency totally focused on quality part time jobs. For all candidates. For all employers."

Damon Buffini, founding partner of Permira and chair of the Social Business Trust says:

“We at the Social Business Trust chose to invest in Timewise because Karen and her team had developed an inspiring business idea with a social core that could transform the recruitment market. Timewise represents thousands of people who have years of skill and experience under their belts, and who want and need to work part time for all kinds of reasons. Until now, this hidden pool of talent has had no representation. Employers have wanted to tap into it, but haven’t known where to go. Timewise will change all that.”

¹ SBT (Social Business Trust) is a partnership of six world class businesses - Bain & Company, Clifford Chance, Credit Suisse, Ernst & Young, Permira and Thomson Reuters – that have combined their resources and expertise to help accelerate the growth of social enterprises.

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