Many people will have started their new year either searching for a new job or looking to develop their skills and The Guardian are set to capitalize on this with the launch of their new Guardian Courses  site.

Complementary to their hugely successful Guardian Jobs, the new Guardian Courses allows job seekers and audience members to browse, search or receive personalized & relevant training courses, helping them take their learning, skills & career to the next level and be more successful in their search for their next role.

The launch of Guardian Courses - together with their world-renowned job board and their rich careers advice content – means The Guardian can broaden the services they offer to their audience. Extending their offering beyond job content, The Guardian has integrated learning opportunities & created a career management hub for anyone looking to further their professional career and enhance their skills.

The new site is powered by Madgex’s innovative new Course Board SaaS platform, which offers an extensive sales inventory, content integration, enhanced SEO capabilities and lightning fast search technology.  

In addition to creating this brand new service & revenue stream, Guardian Jobs also starts the new year with a brand new look for their home page. As ever, user experience was at the forefront of the site’s redesign, along with increasing digital advertising revenues for the company.

Madgex CEO Tom Ricca-McCarthy commented 'Guardian Courses is without doubt a fantastic & cleverly integrated extension of Guardian Jobs. It creates a whole new revenue stream for The Guardian whilst providing a fantastic service to their jobseekers and audience by broadening job seeking into Career Management. Adding relevant learning opportunities into the mix is good for the audience, The Guardian course providers and the online audience”

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