As part of our strategy Madgex are constantly looking at new ways our clients can engage with us more effectively. One of our projects has been focused around new customer service channels to increase engagement and save our clients time. Thus the Customer Support Portal was born. As a digital business we wanted to create a new portal that provided our clients with clean and simple online tools to aid them in running their job board operations.

One main reason for creating the portal was to introduce a ‘self-serve’ option for our clients, allowing any questions or support cases to be logged online with clear visibility on progress and view feedback from the Madgex support team.

The creation of the portal was not designed to replace our already established customer support channels; the ability to pick up the phone and talk to one of our team is still imperative to the way we work. Instead the portal was designed to create a streamlined tool for clients to create, edit and monitor support cases and view updates in real time. This gives our clients complete transparency of how we manage support cases whilst offering more options for engagement between us and the client.

In response we had a deliberate focus on making the system simple, focusing the main attention on the core activity of case logging and management. We built a portal that allowed our clients to log in securely, view their case history, edit and add comments as well as log and close cases.

The Reaction

We’ve had an incredibly encouraging response to the introduction of our customer portal, with positive comments from clients on the visibility the portal provides. With many commenting that the ability to log and follow each case, as well as the chance to talk directly to the Support Developers fixing each issue, has provided them with more control over their queries.

The portal also resulted in some big changes at Madgex HQ. As part of the project we also changed the way we monitor support cases internally. This resulted in adding real time tracking of fix times on our CRM, this allows us to be completely transparent with our processes and the time it takes to implement them.

Also our account management team have handed over all support related queries to our first line support team for increased efficiency. They now spend less time logging and talking about cases, meaning they spend more time advising our clients on the commercial and strategic aspects of their job board business, bringing a much richer experience to the Madgex service as a whole.

The uptake in the service has made it clear how important the Customer Portal has become for our clients, the statistics speak for themselves.

  • Within two weeks of launching the service 85 clients were live on the portal.
  • Within one month of launching 50-60% of call cases were being logged via the portal.
  • In the USA we are seeing around 65% of cases coming through the portal.

Some clients have fully adopted the portal logging all cases through the system. The positive uptake in the portal affords us more time to focus on fixing issues rather than logging them in the first place. The numbers are beginning to level out as more clients utilise the portal. We are now seeing 40% of overall cases coming from the portal itself, however as we work on enriching the customer experience within the portal we expect to see that 40% grow.

What’s next?

We have gathered feedback from our clients and are planning to extend the services the portal provides. We plan to modify the portal to enable clients to log in and view history of all varieties of work they have with Madgex. This will encompass more than just transactional support items but also larger changes that are being delivered through our enhancement stream such as a homepage re-design.

We are working on a way in which clients can clearly log either a bug or change request items, ensuring there is a simple and similar process for both through the same portal. We wish to make the customer portal more than just a place to log issues but a platform for clients to engage with us on all aspects of Madgex products and services. Whilst the interface of both the bug and the change options is very similar, what’s happening behind the scenes is what makes the changes so valuable. We have worked hard to enhance our notification and work flow engines, ensuring that the way cases are handled and serviced is a lot cleaner, enabling us to push service levels even further.

The future of the Customer Portal

‘We’ve focussed a lot of effort making this a clean and functional portal for logging work items, ensuring backend workflows and operational process link seamlessly to enable Madgex to continue to improve services, something we’re passionate about. The vision is for the ‘Support Portal’ to become a Customer Portal, creating an environment that’s a lot more engaging and useful and not just a place to log work items. As a starting point we’re looking at the possibilities of building a Knowledgebase; where clients can search for answers about Madgex products, useful articles, training guides and videos, further creating an engaging community for clients to interact with Madgex. Ultimately we see this as a place to find or request information that’s going to further enable clients to drive their businesses and revenues in the right direction, by leveraging the power of Madgex Products to the maximum.’ – Matt Porter, Technology Director, Madgex

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