Successful cyber security job board find new revenue stream with a Madgex Course Board

Louise Rayner, Marketing Executive
21 February 2017

Madgex is helping one of the UK’s leading job boards become a “one stop shop” for professionals in the cyber security market, by offering training alongside jobs.

Skills shortage was launched in response to the current skills shortage in the IT security market. The cyber industry was worth $75 billion in 2015 and is projected to be worth $170 billion this year. The problem with such rapid growth is there aren’t enough skilled people to fill all the jobs it’s creating.

“Advertising jobs is all well and good, but candidates need to be trained up to the right levels” said Sean Smyth, Director of “The only way to do that is to get more people on training courses, and we now have the facility to offer that to job seekers in our market.”

Their new Course Board integrates seamlessly with, a successful job board, which is also powered by Madgex. Job seekers are targeted with relevant training, while those looking to upskill by going on a course are then directed to suitable jobs. It’s a virtuous circle that enables Sean and his team to engage with job seekers at every stage of their career, while generating new ways to monetize their audience.

One stop shop

“It’s all about keeping traffic on our site,” explains Sean. “With the launch of our Course Board we have created a one stop shop for candidates, with jobs, training and advice. If you want to work within the cyber industry there is no other place you should go to apart from us.”
It was Account Director, Tom Knight, who helped them recognize the revenue potential of the current skills shortage, and showed them how Madgex could be part of the solution.

“I did some research around their industry and realized there was a need for upskilling,” explains Tom. “So I presented my findings, showing them the current problem in cyber security, and how our Course Board could be the solution.”

With a powerful search facility users of can easily find courses best suited to their professional path – from evening courses to undergraduate and post-graduate study.

Increase revenue

The Course Board platform also offers a range of features, which not only improves the user experience, they also increase revenue opportunities. These include a range of upsell products, content and video integration, and superior SEO – all perfectly packaged to fit brand guidelines.
“The functionality was why we went with Madgex,” says Sean. “They move with the times and are always looking at what you want to achieve as a business. They make changes to their technology where needed and have been 100% flexible with our Course Board.”

Another reason Sean and his team trusted Madgex with their new training brand, was because of the high level of computer security. In cyber security candidates are inevitably concerned about sharing their details online. After all, security is their bread and butter.

“They don’t even like buying things from Amazon or putting their details on LinkedIn,” says Sean. “We have to ensure the site is safe and secure before people will register with us. Madgex offers that security.”

“ is a trusted source of information for anyone working – or wanting to work – in the cyber security. We believe this will help position us an industry leader.”

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