Spring Forward: A celebration of women in technology

Cheryl Gallaway, Creative Team Lead
30 March 2016

This month Madgex were proud to be sponsors of Spring Forward - a month-long series of events celebrating the role of women in digital culture. With events running throughout the whole of March, the aim of the festival was to encourage women to take a greater role in digital, by promoting digital community events organised by women for women.

This is a celebration very close to our heart at Madgex. 28% of the workforce at Madgex are women. This is higher than the reported ‘less than 20% of the current UK ICT workforce being female’. And 50% of our senior management team are women. 

Grace Baird, speaking at one of this months events tweeted:

With an above average representation of women at Madgex there are a great number of role models. Although gender alone is no guarantee for a role model, a Swiss study clearly demonstrates something fundamental about the particular effect of female role models on women – we perform better when we see that another woman is on our side. 

My own career progression despite multiple maternity leaves and part-time hours at Madgex is proof of what can happen within a diverse and progressive work place, and where people mean everything.Add to this a great female senior manager on my side for the last 5 years, and you have the key to my own successes. ' or anything you might think sounds better. 

And it doesn’t stop with women, flexible working is integral to the Madgex culture, and there are just as many men as woman within the company that work part-time or compressed hours. Hanna Smith our HR Director points out ‘each new mother has wanted to return from maternity leave on reduced hours contract. We haven’t ever refused this request - it just forces us to work more flexibly and rise to the challenge’

We are proud to live and work in a city that produces and hosts a celebration to encourage women to take a greater role in digital. 

Thank you to all the amazing event organisers, volunteers, attendees and sponsors for making the festival happen. And we hope to see you again next year.

Photo by Lauren Psyk