Recruiters, school leavers and students/graduates now have separate sites dedicated to their unique requirements on Milkround’s new Madgex websites.

The launch comes as latest surveys predict the number of graduate vacancies will rise sharply over the coming year and reports show that in the past 12 months, the UK has seen the biggest drop in graduate unemployment for 15 years.

As the UK's leading student and graduate recruitment site, Milkround are taking a fresh new approach to their website in order to ensure they remain at the very top of their game.

Alexandra Sydney, Head of Product and Marketing for Milkround said “This is a really exciting time for Milkround. Working with the team at Madgex has allowed us to develop our sites to best meet the needs of our school leavers, students, graduates and recruiters alike.”

“Having such a dynamic platform will allow us to, not only retain our position as the leading career resource for students and graduates, but also grow our school leaver proposition to meet the needs of the ever changing market.”

“Think, Talk, Search, Apply”

Milkround’s core strategy: “think, talk, search, apply” is a new approach to engage with candidates and offer them guidance to support their search. Providing high quality content is a key focus for the job board, who have appointed a new editorial team to help deliver careers advice and insights from the market.

A new Careers Advice section has been developed in cooperation with content specialists Fantastic Thinking. Through this new platform, Milkround hope their demographic will be able to “better engage with our advice and guidance to support their job search”

For recruiters, there is also the option to have their own career portal on the Milkround website in the form of a mini-site. This can be styled entirely to match an employer’s brand and gives candidates an insight into working for their company.

Tom Ricca-McCarthy, CEO of Madgex commented “Milkround has been an incredibly strong brand in the graduate recruitment space for many years. I think the new site looks absolutely fantastic and offers a plethora of cutting edge technologies & capabilities for the Milkround audiences & users, whether students, graduates, jobseekers or employers.”

“We very much expect to see the business performance of Milkround to improve by migrating to us as we know that the combination of better user experience, SEO, greater sales inventory, management information & ongoing innovation from us will allow Milkround to run a more efficient and profitable business. “

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