OnRec asked us for our opinion on job search engines and what should be expected of them. Simon said an effective and successful search engine should be: “One that can interpret varying job titles intelligently, providing users with the most suitable results possible e.g. listing both Business Development Manager and New Business Sales Manager roles under the search term 'Sales Manager'. Good data-management is key, so that expired jobs are not appearing and broken links are corrected or removed. The most important factors are to have strong usability and to be content-heavy to create stickiness around the site and so that recruiters receive a good level of quality applications.”

When asked what the future holds, Simon cautioned: “As the market contracts into niche job boards, job search engines will need to be at the top of their game to become a key player. They need to attract a high level of jobseekers across many industries and geographical locations, covering as many career levels within these industries as possible. If they don't, the jobseeker will simply rely on a niche job board to present them with their ideal roles.”

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