As a business Madgex is firmly dedicated to attracting and retaining the best possible staff to build a world class team to drive our business forward. Over the last 12 years we have implemented a broad range of employee benefit schemes and learning & development initiatives to help us create a diverse and highly skilled team. In 2008 our hard work and dedication was recognised by being awarded the highly prestigious Investor in People (IiP) standard. Fours year on and we are once again celebrating being re-accredited with the improved Bronze standard.

Over the last 18 months Madgex has gone through some significant changes and this couldn't have been done without the brilliant team of people they employ. This award cements every principle of successful people management that had to be fully demonstrated during the two day assessment. Madgex staff were picked randomly for an interview with the assessor to survey how they feel about the company and their professional future.

Since 2000 we have been serving the UK media, trade association and pure play job board markets with our award-winning software. More recently, we have made significant strides forward with our international client acquisitions launching an array of job board in the US, Canada, Denmark, Romania, Australia and Norway. In order to meet the needs of our global client base having the right people was essential. The next 12 months will see a continuation of Madgex’s international expansion with further client launches outside the UK.

Jane Baggott, Investors In People Assessor, said; "Completing this review for Madgex has been a pleasure. Madgex has experienced a challenging couple of years as many other businesses have, the distinctive feature for Madgex is that the Directors have taken this as an opportunity to regain the focus of the whole team, stabilise the business and involve everyone in communication and decision making. The overall atmosphere in the team is upbeat and positive. People are engaged and are 100% behind the leadership team and with that there is an excitement about the future. Therefore achieving Bronze against the Investors in People framework is credit to the hard work of the whole team".

Hanna Smith, HR Director at Madgex commented “It sounds really cliché, but at Madgex we truly do value our staff and realise that investing in them personally and professionally is the only way to succeed and be the best we can be! I’m so proud that we have achieved this again. It’s fair to say that we have gone through a significant amount of change since we first were accredited in 2008 but our values and attitudes have never changed. We employ the best so naturally our people deserve the best. Every people management process has been built on this belief. In a competitive employment market, it’s great to have our culture and principles recognised at such a high standard by an independent body. It’s something that we can all be proud of”.

The Investors In People framework is based on principles that help focus organisational priorities and improve performance through people. By embodying this philosophy we believe we can maintain our position as the leading provider of job board software in the world. Moving forward we are determined to stay firmly focused on growing our business whilst providing a fantastic environment for our team to work in.

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