When a small company had big plans for its regional job boards, there was one software company they knew could help them grow nationally and achieve their business goals.

“As our business grew, we knew that if we wanted to succeed nationally and realise our ambitions, we had to expand – and Madgex had the functionality to help us,” Charlene Brown, head of operations at LoveLocalJobs.com.

Using the Madgex platform, the company moved their family of job boards onto one ‘super site’ and LoveLocalJobs.com was launched in September 2015.

Easy and effective

The main goals of the new website were to:

  • Create job boards that were easy to use and navigate for candidates.   
  • Help grow their offering and have the option to expand across the UK
  • Offer local employers and businesses more value and better services to help them find the right candidates quickly e.g. a resume database, upsell options and pricing packages.
  • Employ a platform that would stay ahead of the latest innovations in job board technology.
  • Ensure their job boards were mobile friendly

Family of regional job boards

LoveLocalJobs.com first started in 2010 as BrightonandHoveJobs.com. Founder Gary Peters, who was born and bred in Brighton, already owned a local recruitment consultancy and realized there was no central job board in Brighton, where local employers and job seekers could meet.

With the help of a web developer he launched the job board on a small, bespoke platform. Gary went on to create an award-winning family of regional job boards and online career solutions in the guise of GatwickDiamondJobs.com, CoastalWestSussexJobs.com, 1066Jobs.com and LoveEastbourneJobs.com.

By now Gary and his team were working with a local digital agency, who created job boards that looked great, but provided a rudimentary service. As demand grew, so did the number of bugs in their platform.

“The job boards did all the basics, but the functionality was very basic,” says Charlene. “As interest in our jobs boards grew the sites couldn’t keep up with demand and they kept crashing.”

Time to make a change

As a result, a lot of time and money was invested internally logging bugs and chasing the developers to fix them. The company also had to offer refunds to their clients as compensation.

“We were spending all our time making sure the job boards were working efficiently, rather than focusing on a product roadmap that would safeguard our future,” continues Charlene. “We never had complete piece of mind.”

It was during their fifth year of business they decided to take a “leap of faith” and migrate their family of job boards onto the Madgex platform. It was no mean feat, but Charlene said Madgex made the move feel easy.

“Their developers and coders really know what they are doing,” she says. “They took the data from our old sites, and the whole process was sleek and very well organised.

“With most websites there are always delays, but we hit our launch date. We were really impressed with the whole service.”

Award-winning website

LoveLocalJobs.com now offers a ‘one stop shop’, which helps job seekers find career opportunities in the South East of England, while businesses have one central place where they can advertise their jobs and reach local talent.

As for the bugs, Charlene says they have seen a significant reduction since migrating to the new platform.

“Madgex are experts in this industry – they trial and test everything themselves, which means rarely have to log a bug,” says Charlene. “We can now plan our strategic goals as we don’t have to keep an eye on the site – it’s all done for us.”

The new website has also seen LoveLocalJobs.com receive a highly commended for the best job/career board in the UK with the Recruiter Awards.

Great feedback

Other benefits include:

  • An increase in candidates registering and applying for job vacancies.
  • An increase in application rates and overall conversion rates.
  • An increase in profit from e-commerce, as clients can now purchase job posting packages via the site, without having to contact the sales team.
  • Clients can connect to LoveLocalJobs.com API and automatically post multiple job vacancies without having to log in and manually post them.

“Overall, we have received great feedback on the new platform,” says Charlene. “Clients have told us it’s easier to use, has more options, better e-commerce and a great response rate. Job seekers love jobs by email, as it’s much more time effective than searching for jobs every day themselves. 

“With this new super site we can now focus on expanding nationally and internationally, while staying committed to our regional focus.”

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