Last week Madgex held its 12th annual Hack Day event. We gave Hack Day teams two days to down tools and focus on new projects. 

It was a great opportunity for everyone to step back from their day to day duties to come up with genius solutions that would help to increase our efficiency, simplify our processes and make our products even better.

Or, more simply, it was an opportunity to play around with new ideas, technologies and also to have a bit of fun.

Over half of the company took part in the event, locking themselves away to see what they could come up with in 48 hours. There was a wide range of projects including developing new internal tools, improving communications systems, utilising big data and even office makeovers.

At the end of day 2, each team then had 5 minutes to pitch their ideas to the Madgex directors and faced lots of questions from the audience. We’d love to share some of the ideas/winners with you, but they’re top secret at the moment!

As ever, it was exciting to see what our talented team were able to achieve within such a short space of time. These aren't just short-lived ideas many of the innovations from our Hack Days get added to our platform and our processes.

Hack Day is important to Madgex, as it showcases one of the key elements at the heart of our business – innovation. We continually focus on improving and adapting our products to remain competitive in a constantly changing digital landscape. 

A huge well done and congratulations to all the teams who took part! It really proves to us what a hugely talented and innovative team we have.  

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