The Guardian have re-launched their award-winning job board on the Madgex responsive platform. The new Guardian Jobs, designed to work on any device, makes job searching even easier for candidates no matter where they are.

User experience is at the forefront of the site’s redesign, along with increasing digital advertising revenues for the company.

The new Guardian Jobs site proved to be a very exciting project for the Madgex, as Creative Designer Dean Ricca-Smith explains below.

“The design team at Madgex have been keenly following The Guardian and keeping an eye on what they have been doing with the responsive beta of their editorial site. They are one of the leading sites we check in with now and again to see how they are innovating – The Guardian have been doing some really interesting things over the past few years.

As the second most popular newspaper website in the world, The Guardian has an incredibly strong brand identity. When a job seeker clicks that ‘jobs’ link on the Guardian editorial site (or enters the site via a search engine) we want them to feel the cohesion with the brand they really trust and respect.

When designing a site like this, you have to ensure you are able to blend the brand of the client and the needs of the user with the underlying technology, without compromising any of these elements.

We were fortunate enough to have some fantastic support from the designers at The Guardian who added their valuable input along the way. When the launch day came it was incredibly satisfying to see the new responsive site looking so great on all of the different sized devices on our device lab.”

The redesign of the Guardian Jobs site is part of a wider digital strategy for the publisher. They are currently in the process of redesigning their newspaper website, with a commitment to providing the best possible user-focussed layout. The Guardian have spent over a year developing their new responsively designed editorial site – you can see a beta version and find out more here.

The new site also benefits from a number of new functionalities and features. Candidates using the site via mobile or tablet devices will be able to upload their CVs on the go via Madgex’s Filechooser tool, which allows them to access documents from cloud storage services. There are also enhanced tools to help job seekers stay up to date with the latest job vacancies in their field.

The new Guardian Jobs website features the latest innovations in job board technology. To meet the growing demands of the site’s mobile audience, the responsive design delivers the best possible user experience to both candidates and recruiters.

Madgex Device Lab

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