We were delighted to learn that Guardian Jobs, one of the UK’s leading job sites, broke the 2 million users a month barrier during January 2010. This demonstrates just how successful the site has become with 2,006,246 users recording a staggering 20,870,445 page impressions. They were also credited as a Hitwise Top 10 Award winner for the period between July - December 2009.

The continued success of Guardian jobs is due to offering users a wide range of jobs across various sectors. This increases the chances of job seekers being able to find relevant job opportunities. They also benefit from a large resource of candidates that attracts recruiters who are keen to engage the best talent in the job market.

Earlier this year in January Guardian Jobs launched a new service for job seekers, CVMatch, which runs on the Madgex CV Search and Match platform. CVMatch offers job seekers an alternative method to find their next job opportunity. Candidates upload their CV, create a profile and set their privacy settings then recruiters search the database against a CV or job description to find the ideal match.

Source: ABCe Jan 2010

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