A morning event showcasing our latest research & development work

Join us for a few hours to share our latest research and development concepts. We will take an in-depth look at the possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead, covering material from mobile devices through to real-time job notification.

Building a strong recruitment business in the ever-changing landscape of the web is both challenging and exciting. Waves of social and technological change can disrupt or enhance businesses very quickly. At Madgex, we are constantly thinking about new ideas to provide our clients with a range of options to suit their changing needs.

One of the growing themes of the past 6 months has been the diversification of web consumption onto mobile and tablet computers like the iPad. We’ll take you through how we’re tackling this change for our clients.

The rise of social media and its affect on recruitment has been much discussed, but little tangibly implemented. We’ll talk you through how we’ve identified some of the key elements of its success and applied it to the industry. We’ll also demonstrate some of our recent prototypes in interconnecting sites and data portability - concepts that we believe will provide the underpinnings for the slow, but real, change taking place in this area.


Everything is Connected - Social Media

Glenn Jones, Director, Madgex

The Desktop - New Frontiers

Tom Ricca-McCarthy, Global Sales Director, Madgex

Mobile, Apps and Realtime Notification

Dr Harry Brignull, User Experience Lead, Madgex

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