Caterer Global - Case Study is a leading hospitality recruitment website helping recruiters source senior and specialist candidates around the world.

Caterer Global underwent a complete redesign to improve user experience and refresh the appearance of their website. Following their re launch, Caterer Global had their most successful year to date.

In January 2014, a review of their analytics highlighted a number of impressive statistics, including -

  • 326,000 candidate visits per month

  • 31% increase in applications

  • 71% increase in number of registered candidates

  • 62% increase in direct and SEO traffic

The Challenge’s main aim was to improve usability and drive quality applications. They wanted to refresh the design of the website to reflect the high quality of the recruiters advertising on the site. They needed to improve the data capturing process. Another aim was to create a design that would enhance the experience of mobile users.

The Solution

To benefit from the latest and most innovative technology we had to offer, upgraded to the latest version of the Madgex platform. The site was also redesigned to reflect their branding requirements.

The new design created a look for the site which would reflect the experience of the roles offered site whilst supporting the international nature of the company.

Additional features included:

Custom search options on home page

Candidates were given extra options to help them refine their search. For example, they could specifically search for jobs within brand new hotels. This was also included within the recruiter CMS, providing Caterer Global with the ability to manage this upsell with ease.

Mandatory profile completion

Caterer Global wanted all candidates to complete profiles on registration. The information provided meant they were able to display tailored content targeted at individual users, improving their onsite experience.

Custom Reports

A number of custom reports were built in to the CMS. This allows Caterer Global to understand how the site was being used and what terms job seekers were using when searching.

Keyword reports provide customers with insights about how to improve job adverts to appeal to job seekers. This data also helped to shape traffic and SEO campaigns for the website.

The Results

Caterer Global has benefited substantially their redesign. Traffic, application rates, registrations and CV uploads have grown significantly for the company following their upgrade.

The user experience has been greatly improved and Caterer Global are using insights from their reports to grow and develop new business.

The enhanced SEO features of the website have led to a huge growth in organic search traffic which generated a significant amount of additional revenue for the company.


Caterer Global Madgex

“I have to say that I am and always have been extremely impressed with the quality of Madgex’s Search Engine Optimisation. It accounts for a vast number of the 420,000 monthly applications and is the primary driver of new candidates to the website. The strength of Madgex’s SEO gives our website not only free traffic but also targeted traffic. It delivers a better user experience for our jobseekers by enabling them to find the right job with the hotel group of their choice rather than the random results that paid for search delivers. I am extremely pleased with the results when you compare them with those of large multi-national hotel chains. Invariably the same job on will appear higher on the page that the original job, and increased applications from the right candidates will only increase our ability to increase sales.”

Peter Willis, Sales Director,

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