• Forge stronger, longer relationship with members
  • Position your association as a trusted source for professional development
  • Remain relevant and retain members
  • Generate revenue in addition to membership fees

Madgex has launched an exciting new platform to enable professional associations to forge stronger, longer relationships with their members and unlock their financial potential.

Madgex Career Centre is a complete solution for career advice and advancement, combining the latest job board technology, with engaging content and information on industry events.

This platform will position your association as the trusted source for professional development, ensuring you remain relevant in your industry and retain members.

Mike Fahey, Product Director at Madgex explains: “We know Associations already have a relationship with their members, but in the current climate it is harder than ever to make your voice heard.

“By bringing a range of key services together, the Career Centre enables a much deeper level of engagement. Essentially, it is a career hub, which offers a balance of advice and jobs. We believe it is a vital piece in the jigsaw for building solid relations with a membership audience.”

While the principle aim of the platform is to offer better value to members, it’s also about increasing their value to you. Association members are highly-skilled professionals, which employers and recruiters will pay a premium to access.

This platform provides a number of opportunities to make full use of these prospects and create an income beyond membership fees.

Tom McCarthy CEO at Madgex: “The Career Centre is an essential resource for generating additional revenue, from job boards and CV database, to sponsored educational content, events and company profiles.

“Each programme has been designed to support the aims of an Association – to help members with career development – which means making money won’t detract from your organisation’s brand integrity.

“However, Madgex realises it’s not just about profit. Balancing the books means more revenue to put back into your association in order to offer continued membership services and value.”

To help maximise revenue opportunities, the Career Centre platform has a self-service site dedicated to recruiters, where they can easily register and start advertising immediately. There are also a range of upsell products, such as premium listings and sponsored searches.

Other features include advanced reporting and analytics to help you better understand your audience and potential members; flexible APIs for deeper integration; the ability to import and export data; and a rich set of SEO tools to attract premium people to your site.

The user-experience has also received careful consideration, with a new intuitive search facility, which enables members to find relevant jobs more easily, using keywords.

As with all Madgex products, the Career Centre will be designed to seamlessly work with different brand requirements. What’s more, you can create a customised, unique home page to perfectly suit the requirements of your association and its audience, to maximise conversion rates.

The platform can also be integrated with Madgex Course board platform, which offers members the chance to develop new skills and progress their career to the next level. 

Providing both platforms will offer members a complete career management solution, while associations will benefit from being able to sell across both products.

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