At Madgex, we pride ourselves on our innovative technology and world class services we provide to our clients. We are continually evolving our products and services, a process which is driven by our fantastic team. Our success would not be possible without the hard-working, creative, and committed approach of the Madgex team.

HR Director, Hanna Smith – is committed to ensuring Madgex staff know just how much their hard work is appreciated. Since joining the company in 2007, Hanna has helped transform Madgex in to one of Brighton’s (and the UK’s) most exciting employers.

Madgex recently placed 52nd on The Sunday Times Top 100 Best Small Companies to Work for 2014. In addition to this, previous awards include an Investors in People Silver Award, Simply Health Healthy Workplace Award and finalists in Sussex Business Awards and Brighton and Hove Business Awards. We spoke with Hanna to find out more about Madgex’s ongoing commitment to creating a great working environment.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your role here at Madgex.

I’ve been Madgex's HR Director since 2007. My responsibility is to deliver best practice, robust employee and business solutions for Madgex. I am a member of the senior leadership team and as a founding member of a local HR Digital group, I consider myself a thought leader in my field.

We work in a very competitive local employment market, so it is imperative that we do not lose talent. My role is to ensure we never become complacent with our offering. We always pride ourselves in paying competitively and rewarding fairly. Every process and activity I do, is to ensure we are constantly checking we are the best employer we can possibly be.

What makes Madgex different as an employer?

We do all that we can to offer a flexible, social and friendly environment that allows people to develop personally. We're a passionate and vibrant company that matches the culture of Brighton and takes pride in providing a very high quality experience for both our clients and employees.

We have an amazingly talented team that are extremely committed, loyal and love what they do. And to go some way to appreciate them we have a generous benefits package, pay competitively, have regular socials, monthly wellbeing initiatives (inc Yoga, Sport & Swedish massage, volleyball, subsidised gym membership, running club) cake, salad & cheese Fridays, fresh fruit, employee recognition schemes, table football, lovely open plan offices and a really popular social room. Don’t get us wrong, we work hard at what we do but no day goes without having a bit of fun too!

Why is it important that Madgex invest so much time and effort in becoming a great place to work?

We understand the importance of creating a great working environment, and the result it has on productivity and staff morale. We go out of our way to ensure all of our staff are happy and healthy, as we believe that this creates a stronger team.

Our staff are extremely talented, and we want to make sure they know how important they are to our success. We’re always looking at best practice and ways to ensure we’re the best employer we possibly can be. We like to think we recruit the best, so naturally our people deserve to be looked after and managed in the best way possible.

We’re really fortunate to have such a passionate and loyal workforce and it really shines through. We don’t want to be complacent or arrogant in our thinking – we want to be the best we can be. We want to remain the employer of choice.

How will Madgex continue to improve?

We use many different tools to get feedback on how we’re doing, how we can improve. For example we have an internal employee survey which looks at communication, job satisfaction, management, personal growth, recognition and reward and working environment. The results from all of these form the HR Strategy for the coming years – highlighting areas of importance, standards to be met etc. We’re always looking at how we can improve and move forward and be better. We don’t stand still.

For more information about working at Madgex please visit our Careers page.

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