Advertising Age launches Career Center

Michael Harms, Marketing Coordinator
28 June 2017

A leading media news brand has chosen Madgex to provide a complete careers solution for its ambitious audience.

Advertising Age is the most iconic media brand in the marketing landscape. Widely heralded as the best in the field, Ad Age drives the trends, insights, and perspectives that fuel the success of the world’s top marketers.

Alongside breaking news and commentary, Ad Age features the latest job listings. The media giant realized they needed to upgrade their job board technology to keep up with the demands of this fast-paced industry.

We’re always looking for ways to improve the digital experience for our users as well as business opportunities for our clients, who want to reach our audience” says Kevin Skaggs, General Manager of Product and Technology at Advertising Age.

The solution was the latest platform from Madgex. Career Center enables a deeper level of engagement with users by providing the tools and advice they need to progress in their career. The platform combines advanced job board technology, with relevant content, and information on industry events, all perfectly packaged to fit brand guidelines.

Madgex Career Center was the right model for us” explains Kevin. “Ad Age has an incredible audience across brand marketers, agencies and media companies. Providing a product that features career opportunities, as well as career-oriented advice and information, from a brand that our users trust is a valuable thing."

The result is Ad Age Careers. By positioning themselves as a career hub, Ad Age will help:

· Generate more organic traffic
· Deepen engagement with their audience
· Improve SEO

The platform will also help them increase revenue including premium listings, featured employers, events, company profiles, sponsored searches, and educational content.

Ad Age Careers will do an even better job of keeping our audience in touch with upcoming employment opportunities and trends in the marketplace, plus it will allow companies to more effectively market opportunities to our audience” says Kevin.

Staying ahead of current trends is vital for marketing and media professionals, and the technology Ad Age uses has to keep up. The Madgex product roadmap ensures Ad Age will benefit from on-going innovations and updates which will help insure the user experience.

We liked that Madgex is a company that clearly focuses on its product to continually improve the user experience (via responsive templates, search capabilities, etc.) for both job seekers and employers.