A Day in the life of an AD

Tom Knight, Account Director
15 December 2016

There is no such thing as an ‘average’ day when you’re an account director (AD) at Madgex. But that’s what I love about the job.

Broad range of clients

We have such a broad range of clients and you need a solid understanding of them all and the different challenges they face. So one day I’ll be dealing with a newspaper and helping them find new ways to replace their declining print revenues, then I will meet an association who wants additional services for their members, and the next day I’ll see a job board owner, to discuss their online recruitment.

You need to have the mindset of a job seeker, a recruiter, a job board owner and an association. You also have to keep your Madgex ‘hat’ on at all times, to make sure clients make the most out of our products – and know all about any news ones.

Approachable but tenacious

This is the key part of my job – ensuring clients have a good knowledge of what Madgex offers and advising them on how they can use our portfolio of products to grow their business across multiple revenue streams. It’s a mixture of sales and customer service.

To be able to do this you need to be approachable but tenacious, which are contrasting but essential requirements. It’s important you build a rapport with your clients so that they trust you and will listen to your advice.

Tenacity is important for the sales part of the job. You need to spot sales opportunities and follow them up by making the most of the limited time you have in front of senior level contacts.

You also need to be solutions focused, which is another part of the job I enjoy. We are set objectives, but have to work out ourselves the best way to service clients while hitting our targets.

Making a difference

That’s the great thing about working at Madgex, you are give real autonomy, which means you can run the job like your own business. We manage our own diaries and it’s up to us when we are in the office, or out with clients.

I tend to come to the office at the start of week for planning, preparation and internal meetings. Them I’m out the rest of the week, running through new innovations and training clients to make the most out of our products.

That’s the most satisfying part of the job – making a positive difference to a business’s revenue in a challenging market.

At Madgex you get to work with top global brands that have been around 100s of year and hopefully will be around for another 100 years, because of the digital solutions we provide.

Very supportive

The products here are always changing and improving, which means Madgex keeps ahead of the market and we can make sure our clients keep making money. You get to work with industry experts at Madgex, which is exciting, but you need to be willing to learn as the products are quite technical.

There is a lot to get your head around at Madgex, but it’s a very supportive environment. Everybody here is always full of advice and willing to help.
It’s like one big family that are all pulling in the same direction.

It’s not all about work, we like a beer on a Friday and the company really encourages a work/life balance.