“You’re an account manager? My dad’s an accountant” is a typical response when explaining my job to the uninitiated. I must admit, the role of an account manager can sometimes feel quite ambiguous so it’s understandable that many people are unsure of what exactly I do.

My first explanation is often along the lines of “Well actually, I look after our client base to help them understand how best to use our job board technology” – then I watch as their eyes glaze over as they wonder “what’s a job board?” To give it some context, perhaps I can explain what a day in my life generally looks like?

All systems ready

As with many roles, my mornings generally starts with going through my emails, getting back to clients and looking at some of our automated reports to verify that all of our processes have run successfully. Generally it’s fine but on the rare occasion there are any errors then I’m straight on the phone to our support developers to make sure they are already working on a resolution.

Once I’m comfortable that there is nothing time critical that needs my attention, I can start preparing for my calls with clients. Often this will involve me looking over any open requests such as changes to the site, projects we’re running or simply identifying new features that they could be using to improve their service.

Then I’m straight on to a WebEx with the client so that we can discuss these points as well as cover any other pressing requests. This includes reviewing any new platform releases which are due to go out and demonstrating how various parts of our Content Management System (CMS) work.

Often these conversations can be a brain storming session as we work out different ways of working together. A typical example would involve us suggesting ideas to increase traffic or revenues (such as new upsells), site performance, sales messages, marketing activities and promotions. We work very collaboratively with clients on the commercial aspects of running a job board sharing best practice and our industry knowledge.

Stat attack

Much of my day also involves looking at the statistics for my clients either via some of our CMS reports or the data captured from Google Analytics. It may be that we are working on a specific project to try and increase traffic from a particular marketing channel (such as Google Organic traffic, PPC campaigns or an editorial site) or it could be that I’m preparing for one of our quarterly analytics reviews where we explore the sites performance in details to see if we can improve any areas.

All the while, I’m answering calls from my client base, responding to emails and speaking to various internal departments internally (design, development, platform developers) to make sure that everything is ticking over smoothly and that we're on track to keep our clients happy.

The home stretch

The afternoon often gives way to calls or meetings with clients. This could be training on new parts of our CMS (or old parts as a refresher), meeting internal teams to review work load or explaining how our client base best generates traffic, page views and applications.

At this point, I generally look at my watch to realise that it’s 17:30 and my working day is drawing to a close. Then it’s a quick review of emails to make sure that everyone is problem free before shutting down my laptop, safely in the knowledge that the job board market has had another successful day in the digital world - I’ll sleep well tonight!

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