Hello, my name is Jensen Bianciardi, I’m fifteen and I have just completed a week of work experience at Madgex.

Development Department

I spent my first two days working in the development department. Chris Adams started by showing me around the office, the atmosphere was friendly and I noticed it was a very organised workplace and a welcoming environment.

I was shown to my desk and given my first task; to move reports onto an excel spread sheet. I then had to condense the spread sheet so that there were only records of anomalies. With some help from Chris I learnt how to use the relevant tools in Excel to help me complete the task, he’s a very good teacher! I sent my condensed report to Chris, which he then sent to be rechecked by another team member. I really enjoyed this activity and feel it is one I would like to do again after the help and guidance I received.

For my second task I was shown a website in which I could learn about any programming language I wanted to. I chose to learn about java script, the website gave me a task which I had to complete in order to move onto the next one. I really enjoyed this activity as I think it will help me to learn how to code simple applications in the future.

Chris asked me to sit in on a meeting and listen to what was said. Here I really learned about the way projects were organised, particularly that there are limited slots for the amount of projects that Madgex can work on. I learnt how important it is to use a time slot in an efficient way.

Design Department

On my third and fourth day I moved to the design department to work with Nik White and the design team. I went straight to a meeting to listen to a discussion about the progress of the current projects. I was fascinated by how much progress they had made from the starting point in a small amount of time. I spent some time with the team to see what they do and what each person has accomplished. I looked at a range of different site designs and how they work. I found it very informative to see what happens in a design department.

I was invited to sit in on some interviews for a new member of the design team. After the interviews were finished I gave my opinion on both potential employees, everyone liked the decision I made and agreed with my points. This was very helpful for me as I now know what to say and how to act in an interview.

Support Department

On my last day at Madgex I shadowed the part of the team who handle support. Support is where client questions get directed to. If they have a query with the software, there are three ways of contacting the department; they can email Madgex the problem, they can call the department and explain the problem over the phone or they can upload the query to the website – this is the easiest way to contact the Madgex support team. I found being in support was very interesting, especially how many people ask the same questions.

I would like to say thank you to all of the team for letting me be a part of the workplace, especially Chris Adams and Nik White for showing me the design and development departments. My time here at Madgex has been a very pleasant experience, one which I will definitely use in the future.

Hanna Smith Madgex HR Director

Unfortunately Jensen was let down very last minute by another local tech company, so when I got the phone call from Longhill School to see if there was any way we could accommodate a work experience student at short notice I knew Madgex would come to the rescue!

We’re passionate about what we do here and love sharing our expertise, so having someone do work experience with us was a brilliant way to show what working in Brighton’s digital sector can really be like. After such a successful week with Jensen in the team hopefully we can help more students in the future, who are looking for that valuable experience to aid their career choices.

Jensen was an absolute delight to have around. A very bright chap! We’d certainly have him back in a flash when he’s ready to step into scary world of work! Work experience is a real value vehicle for tomorrow’s workforce, so come on people do your bit!

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