Every morning I start my day by checking emails and looking for any urgent issues that might need immediate attention. 

At 10 am we have a daily stand up, a short 5 min meeting with my teammates and team leader just to catch up on who is doing what, and what’s the plan for today. This Agile practice keeps everyone on the same page and reduces chances for a miscommunication. Once the day’s plan is ready, it’s time for another round of white tea (yes, we do have a tea drinkers club!), and to get back to coding.

SEO redirects challenge

Sometimes we need a non-standard approach to challenges we experience. Recently we launched Belgian job board, which had thousands of links that needed to be redirected to help preserve their SEO rankings. While this is standard for all of our projects, developing a job board in French was more challenging, as most of these links had characters that are not allowed by our network settings (for security reasons) and all the links would simply fail.

The solution was to create a virtual machine in Rackspace cloud and outside of our network, so we could keep our security settings intact, and still ensure all the redirects working properly. The new virtual machine would simply act as a redirects box parsing incoming links, and forming the new links that would reach the new site safely, thus helping to preserve our client’s SEO rankings. 

As rollout team, we get an empty virtual server with a dummy site up and running, and needed to turn it into the working and tested redirects box.

Japanese for lunch?

Lunch break. While teammates might be having some sushi for lunch, I would be reading IT and business news to catch up on what’s popular. The article that got my attention was “日本のロボット産業は世界トップ、ロボット革新基地になる可能性”  [En. Japanese robots industry is leading in the world; it may become robots innovation base ] [Source: ]

Japan was famous for robots for quite a long time and seems like they want to focus on this field to solve aging society issues by introducing robots workforce in near future in the country. Being experts in the robotics field just strengthens their position in robots industry in the world. Go for it Japan!

Pair programming with Andy

It’s always good to get advice from a colleague when you are stuck. Yes, everyone sometimes needs a little help - especially when it comes to code design patterns to have SOLID architecture.

I was developing a custom metrics plugin to implement a tracking pixel on all site pages. Depending on whether a site visitor is logged on or not, the tracking pixel URL should be different. i.e. logged on visitors were supposed to leave their trace on each page they have visited. I had cached Madgex data and cached 3rd party API data provider components ready and needed an experienced look to finalize the architecture.

Andy, the lead developer in our platform team, extracted the plugin config and api provider factory interfaces, injected into the plugin’s constructor - and voila - we could instantiate all classes in a single location, the site’s installer to be specific.

Now we have async calls to 3rd party API, cached results from our database and 3rd party API responses, and SOLID architecture.

So what exactly is a Rollout team?

These are just a few examples of the type of projects I work on day to day but what exactly do we do as a Rollout team? Working as part of the wider of Delivery team, we work on completely new projects, connecting them to our platform, configuring and adding custom functionality to accommodate each clients needs. Once clients are happy with the staging version of their project, we publish to live, providing assistance to clients through the first few weeks as they launch their new job board. 

Long story short, my role involves many different projects, various integrations with 3rd party providers, fast paced project launches and a lot of smiles around the office!

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