Moving to the Madgex Career Center has allowed AGU to offer our members a sophisticated career center service and increase advertising revenues. We’ve seen a 92% increase in jobseeker signup and a 78% increase in average order value from our advertisers.

David Harwell AGU’s Director, Talent Pool

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Since upgrading our site to Madgex, we have seen a significant increase in both revenue and the overall engagement from jobseekers and employers. The user experience is world-class, delivering consistent value to our members. We're extremely pleased with the Madgex project management team that made the transition painless.

Adam Hart Job Board Specialist, Human Resources Professionals Association

We were already a tried and trusted resource for jobseekers and recruiters in the scientific recruitment space, so a major change of job board software needed careful consideration. The UX from a jobseeker perspective was of paramount importance and we needed to be sure that our business was in good hands and had the potential to grow. We transitioned to Madgex in and have experienced solid growth in volume of users, user activity and revenue ever since.

Tracy Holmes Associate Director, ScienceCareers/AAAS
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