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Market leading technology

We provide a range of SaaS solutions and support services, that enable our clients to unlock the value of their professional audiences. Madgex software allows users to operate outstanding career and development hubs that perfectly represent their brand and enables our clients to engage and develop their professional audiences.

We are passionate about design, quality and user experience. This attention to detail results in excellent performance and commercial results.

GuardianJobs Madgex Responsive

Build stronger relationships with your users

We take a user-centred approach, ensuring fantastic audience engagement and strong commercial results.

  • Customize your proposition to your audience need
  • Interact with your audience via multiple channels
  • Deliver a high quality experience at every touch point
Responsive Job Board Madgex

Realize your revenue potential

Monetize your audience with a broad and sophisticated sales inventory, with full flexibility to design your market offerings to the specific needs and demands of your customers.

  • Create your own products and propositions
  • Offer e-commerce options with higher profits
  • Include options for display, recruitment, resumes and print
Milkround Job Board Technology

Benefit from continuous innovation

Keeping your product optimized and competitive in a constantly changing digital world, means regularly adding upgrades and new features. We do just that for all our clients – every month, for free.

  • Remain competitive at no extra cost
  • Future proof your job board
  • Let us make the hard decisions for you
Madgex Team

Gain greater audience insight

Our technology provides an abundance of management information, allowing you to run an efficient, effective and profitable online business.

  • Use rich reporting to identify revenue opportunities
  • Minimize costs through data led decision making
  • Unlock your audience value
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Depend on us for outstanding service

Whether it’s on-demand technical support, or insightful recommendations, our team has the advice and expertise you need.

  • We manage your technology 24/7
  • Maximize your investment with our expert advice
  • Input to our strategic product roadmap
Madgex Support

Here's what our customers say about us

“Madgex are always available to listen to our needs and there are constant updates to the platform. Switching to Madgex improved areas of our business overnight. The responsive site and eCommerce platform mean we are available for our users wherever they are."
Chris Cockburn
"Madgex has helped us to significantly grow our mobile audience faster than the competition; mobile job applications are up an incredible 82% year on year. We have a wider and more targeted product portfolio to satisfy our recruitment advertisers’ varying needs and price points. Moreover, the platform’s enhanced user experience improves onsite conversions delivering more and better quality applications to our advertisers."
Charlotte Tracy
“Madgex software is head and shoulders above other technology solutions out there and allows us to provide our audience and our recruiters with some fantastic tools. They are our most trusted partner and we would not have been able to achieve the things we have as a business without their support”
Allister Crowley
Our Clients