How to leverage your job board data to deliver results

SEO is one of the fastest evolving marketing channels within the digital landscape. With a multitude of sites for every possible need in day-to-day life, good SEO has become a vital practise to get your site noticed. Like any site, job boards need to ensure they are ranking for relevant keywords to stand out from the competition to drive organic traffic. Without an SEO strategy and failing to focus specific campaigns this can result in… read more

Sales Director Forum

Tuesday, 29th October, 2013| Sanctum Hotel, 20 Warwick Street, Soho, London, W1B 5NF As part of our ongoing series of events and back by popular demand Madgex are hosting an event aimed at our Sales Director community. The Madgex Sales Director Forum will focus on the challenges and issues facing digital publishers spanning a range of topics. Who should attend? This event is designed for sales managers and directors responsible for the effectiveness and profitability… read more

Madgex Introduce New Location Search Functionality

Recruiters including the exact location of a position in a job advert is becoming increasing important for jobseekers. With the constant increase of commuting fees and sky rocketing petrol prices, it is now more important than ever for jobseekers to factor in commuting costs as well as skill requirements and company benefits. Jobseekers use location as one of the primary criteria when searching for a role, whether that’s on a search engine or a job… read more

The Creation and Future of the Madgex Customer Portal

As part of our strategy Madgex are constantly looking at new ways our clients can engage with us more effectively. One of our projects has been focused around new customer service channels to increase engagement and save our clients time. Thus the Customer Support Portal was born. As a digital business we wanted to create a new portal that provided our clients with clean and simple online tools to aid them in running their job… read more

Madgex Future Innovations 4

      Wednesday, 17th July | Soho Hotel, 4 Richmond Mews, London, W1D 3DH In our latest Future Innovations event we will be shining the spotlight on our latest research & development concepts. In the session we will be covering a number of topics including responsive design, improvements to recruiter services, content integration and analytic insights. With the online recruitment landscape continually changing we will take an in-depth look at some of the new services… read more

The new Madgex Content Management System (CMS)

Over the last few months our development and design teams have all been working on creating an updated version of the Madgex Content Management System (CMS). As our job board platform has become increasingly sophisticated incorporating the latest web technologies we have now adopted this approach in our CMS. The project has been defined by our commitment to innovation and user experience whilst listening to the diverse needs from across our client base. The project… read more