Advertising and responsive design

According to the latest report from eMarketer, UK mobile advertising due to overtake the newspaper and magazine marketing by 2015*. Mobile ad spend is predicted to grow by 96% this year to £2.02bn in the UK, with experts anticipating this figure to reach £4.5bn by 2016. The report also forecasts that print advertising spend is likely to reduce, with the newspaper and magazine market set to lose £276m in the next 4 years. Increased investment… read more

The impact of tablets on job boards

A World Before Tablets? The tablet has seen its status change dramatically over the last two years. The release of the first iPad in 2010 saw the tablet pinned as simply another gadget that would be adopted by commuters and those with a taste for excess and the latest gadget. Predictions followed the thinking that tablets would mainly be used on the move, utilising 3G technology in a similar manner to smart phones but with… read more

Expectations: technology, the job seeker and the job board

Rumours have long been spread that the job board’s days are numbered. With the changing face of the online job market, economic climate, social media channels and online search, it’s really no surprise that there is some uncertainty about the future of online recruitment. However, the fact remains that job boards are still here, relevant and represent part of a thriving recruitment industry. Employers still pay to have their jobs on a site they trust… read more

The future of job boards: Responsive Design

At Madgex we often get asked about what the future holds for job board technology. Over the last few years mobile has been firmly at the top of the list of debate within the online recruitment community. The number of jobseekers using mobile devices is only set to grow so it’s vital that job boards address this issue to harness this audience effectively. All jobs boards should have seen a steady increase in traffic from… read more

The Importance of Responsive Design for Job Boards

The way in which we search the web is changing; there is a clear move towards multi device search journeys which is becoming ever more prominent as we reach the halfway point of 2013. Last year tablet consumption doubled in the UK and Germany, with Christmas seeing  a huge tablet boom thanks to  the introduction of more affordable devices, coupled  with the advancement in smartphone and 3G technology, search habits are beginning to see a… read more

What’s changed in job board design in 12 months?

After almost one year of maternity leave from Madgex towers tending to a new baby, I have found myself in a rather unique and special position. I have found myself at a career intersection, between the old and new. Returning to the same role, having the same manager, new faces on the team, new projects, and a new and improved computer at a very tidy desk. It’s like the fresh start you get at a… read more

Is your job board mobile ready?

Mobile recruitment is one of the most hotly discussed topics within the online recruitment landscape. Whenever I attend a conference or trade show any session relating to mobile is full to capacity with people eager to learn about the latest trends, success stories and advancement in technology. With sales of smartphone and tablet devices accelerating rapidly and new devices constantly launched into the market, mobile is clearly a vitally important channel for all job board… read more

The joys of mobile usability testing


There are so many blog posts about the logistics of carrying out mobile usability testing it can be difficult to see the wood from the trees. When I was planning the testing for our new mobile web app I ended up going around in circles to research the best method and set-up to use. Mobile testing can be problematic in terms of ergonomics, cost and efficiency. We’ve done a couple of rounds of testing now… read more

Simplicity is not always simple – designing for mobile


At Madgex we are in the process of redesigning our second generation mobile web app. Translation from a job board desktop experience inevitably involves simplification, stripping things back to achieve a clutter free interface for a smaller screen. Designing for mobile devices requires a different mindset. You can’t just shrink the experience to suit a small screen. But simplicity sometimes just isn’t that simple! Good simplicity always has clarity and is usable as well as… read more