Job board landscape

Using JBI to optimise the Telegraph Jobs site

Author: Rob Sheppard, Product Manager, Telegraph Media Group The Telegraph Jobs site moved onto the Madgex platform in the middle of 2012, with a new design that focused on driving awareness and traffic to our key sectors. In the increasingly competitive world of online job boards we wanted to focus our product, our clients and our users’ interest in our strongest areas. Therefore, our site homepage was set up to focus very clearly on these… read more

Job Board SEO tips

Today there are more job boards than ever which increases competition for attracting relevant jobseekers. With so many job boards available ensuring your job board can be seen by search engines is vitally important for your job board’s success. Research has shown that 67% of jobseekers start their job hunt on search engines. Without a well planned and sustained SEO strategy it could prove difficult to achieve your desired search engine rankings. With search being… read more

Job boards and social media: the evolving relationship

Every year January is met with a forecast of trends and predictions from the online recruitment industry and this year is no different. One of this year’s most popular subjects appears to revolve around social recruiting and how it will affect the performance of the job board industry. Since the widespread adoption of social media, brands have struggled to comprehend the power of its relevance to audience engagement. The last three years have seen social… read more

The impact of tablets on job boards

The tablet has seen its status change dramatically over the last two years. The release of the first iPad in 2010 saw the tablet pinned as simply another gadget that would be adopted by commuters and those with a taste for excess. Predictions followed the thinking that tablets would mainly be used on the move, utilising 3G technology in a similar manner to smart phones. However, industry predictions proved misleading. At the close of 2013… read more

Madgex launch mobile application solution: FileChooser

It has been proclaimed that 2013 has been the year of mobile. During the last 12 months there has been incredible growth within tablet and smartphone market with tablet sales set to surpass desktop devices by the end of the year. Across the board sites are reporting huge increases in mobile traffic, which for some editorial sites is out performing desktop traffic. There is no doubt that the world has gone mobile, but how is… read more

How to leverage your job board data to deliver results

SEO is one of the fastest evolving marketing channels within the digital landscape. With a multitude of sites for every possible need in day-to-day life, good SEO has become a vital practise to get your site noticed. Like any site, job boards need to ensure they are ranking for relevant keywords to stand out from the competition to drive organic traffic. Without an SEO strategy and failing to focus specific campaigns this can result in… read more

The future of job boards: Responsive Design

At Madgex we often get asked about what the future holds for job board technology. Over the last few years mobile has been firmly at the top of the list of debate within the online recruitment community. The number of jobseekers using mobile devices is only set to grow so it’s vital that job boards address this issue to harness this audience effectively. All jobs boards should have seen a steady increase in traffic from… read more

Importance of Social Media for Job Boards

The discussion surrounding social recruitment has been rife this year, which has triggered the cry of ‘death of the job board’ in many online recruitment circles. Social platforms are reporting record numbers of users and we are hearing of more and more social success stories from brands across the world. There’s no doubt about it, social media has become vital to any job board business. Whilst social media is an incredibly important part of today’s… read more

The Multi-Channel Job Search

The jobseeker of today is a very different user to the one that may have been trawling your job board 24 months ago. Technology has evolved to create a wide portfolio of device types that can be used in every possible seated position within your day, successfully broadening the range of job search opportunities. A discreet mobile device accompanies your morning commute, while a slender tablet device can be used for lunch time browsing, finishing… read more

How To Increase Job Board Conversion Rates With A/B Testing

Have you ever wondered what effect changing the position or wording of a link or button would have on increasing your job board’s conversion rates? Are you always thinking about ways to improve the performance of your job board – job views, applications, JBE sign ups? A/B testing is a really great way of getting answers to questions like these and achieving better site performance. What is A/B testing? A/B testing, or split testing, is a… read more