Using JBI to optimise the Telegraph Jobs site

Author: Rob Sheppard, Product Manager, Telegraph Media Group The Telegraph Jobs site moved onto the Madgex platform in the middle of 2012, with a new design that focused on driving awareness and traffic to our key sectors. In the increasingly competitive world of online job boards we wanted to focus our product, our clients and our users’ interest in our strongest areas. Therefore, our site homepage was set up to focus very clearly on these… read more

Language, layout and the typographic details

Now that the design team is nearing completion of the responsive Jobseeker site, I am starting work on bringing the same responsive principles over to the self-service Recruiter Services Portal. All of our responsive products are increasingly being delivered to international markets. One of the challenges for a designer is to design responsive layouts for multiple languages. This week a colleague pointed out that some buttons could be problematic, as in his experience over the… read more

Madgex launch mobile application solution: FileChooser

It has been proclaimed that 2013 has been the year of mobile. During the last 12 months there has been incredible growth within tablet and smartphone market with tablet sales set to surpass desktop devices by the end of the year. Across the board sites are reporting huge increases in mobile traffic, which for some editorial sites is out performing desktop traffic. There is no doubt that the world has gone mobile, but how is… read more

Expectations: technology, the job seeker and the job board

Rumours have long been spread that the job board’s days are numbered. With the changing face of the online job market, economic climate, social media channels and online search, it’s really no surprise that there is some uncertainty about the future of online recruitment. However, the fact remains that job boards are still here, relevant and represent part of a thriving recruitment industry. Employers still pay to have their jobs on a site they trust… read more

The future of job boards: Responsive Design

At Madgex we often get asked about what the future holds for job board technology. Over the last few years mobile has been firmly at the top of the list of debate within the online recruitment community. The number of jobseekers using mobile devices is only set to grow so it’s vital that job boards address this issue to harness this audience effectively. All jobs boards should have seen a steady increase in traffic from… read more

The Creation and Future of the Madgex Customer Portal

As part of our strategy Madgex are constantly looking at new ways our clients can engage with us more effectively. One of our projects has been focused around new customer service channels to increase engagement and save our clients time. Thus the Customer Support Portal was born. As a digital business we wanted to create a new portal that provided our clients with clean and simple online tools to aid them in running their job… read more

Why Content Integration Is Important For Job Boards

The digital age has seen an increasing amount of publishers seizing the opportunity to run job boards as a way to increase engagement and extend services to their online audience. In the quest to introduce new revenue opportunities and with the paywall debate continuing to divide opinion, editorial sites are turning to digital recruitment services in order to create alternative revenue streams. This had led to an increasing demand for deeper integration between editorial sites… read more

The Importance of Responsive Design for Job Boards

The way in which we search the web is changing; there is a clear move towards multi device search journeys which is becoming ever more prominent as we reach the halfway point of 2013. Last year tablet consumption doubled in the UK and Germany, with Christmas seeing  a huge tablet boom thanks to  the introduction of more affordable devices, coupled  with the advancement in smartphone and 3G technology, search habits are beginning to see a… read more

Room to explore


Any research involves a process of generating, refining and validating ideas and when you’re a small User Experience team it’s especially important to share those ideas with colleagues. Creating ad-hoc teams or just getting feedback from designers and developers helps to form and evolve ideas quicker. At Madgex there’s a constant stream of new projects, products and functionality. We’re in the process of developing a new mobile website at the moment and we needed extra… read more

Madgex Hack Day 6

Last week Madgex held its sixth Hack Day event.  These days are a great excuse for everyone to down their usual tools – and to play around with new ideas, technologies and generally to have a bit of fun.  This time around we had no specific theme – and invited entries of both a technical and non-technical nature – primarily to get everyone within Madgex involved. As usual all teams bunkered down – keeping their… read more