Design & UX

Design process update: Replacing traditional mock-ups with style tiles

When we moved to delivering projects on our new responsive platform in January this year, we quickly realised that we would need to make some changes to our design process to better communicate and present responsive work to clients. Before we had a responsive product we had been mocking up a desktop view of static pages in Illustrator or Photoshop, working through various iterations and then handing over a signed off design to be built… read more

Language, layout and the typographic details

Now that the design team is nearing completion of the responsive Jobseeker site, I am starting work on bringing the same responsive principles over to the self-service Recruiter Services Portal. All of our responsive products are increasingly being delivered to international markets. One of the challenges for a designer is to design responsive layouts for multiple languages. This week a colleague pointed out that some buttons could be problematic, as in his experience over the… read more

Expectations: technology, the job seeker and the job board

Rumours have long been spread that the job board’s days are numbered. With the changing face of the online job market, economic climate, social media channels and online search, it’s really no surprise that there is some uncertainty about the future of online recruitment. However, the fact remains that job boards are still here, relevant and represent part of a thriving recruitment industry. Employers still pay to have their jobs on a site they trust… read more

The Multi-Channel Job Search

The jobseeker of today is a very different user to the one that may have been trawling your job board 24 months ago. Technology has evolved to create a wide portfolio of device types that can be used in every possible seated position within your day, successfully broadening the range of job search opportunities. A discreet mobile device accompanies your morning commute, while a slender tablet device can be used for lunch time browsing, finishing… read more

A Day in the Life of a Creative Designer

One of the most creative parts of my day is actually before I’ve arrived at work. I know it sounds like a cliché but I find often that solutions to design problems come to me while I’m in the shower. For me one of the primary goals of a designer is to solve problems and often staring at your computer (massive 27” iMac of course) and pushing pixels around can just lead you down a… read more

How To Increase Job Board Conversion Rates With A/B Testing

Have you ever wondered what effect changing the position or wording of a link or button would have on increasing your job board’s conversion rates? Are you always thinking about ways to improve the performance of your job board – job views, applications, JBE sign ups? A/B testing is a really great way of getting answers to questions like these and achieving better site performance. What is A/B testing? A/B testing, or split testing, is a… read more

The Importance of Responsive Design for Job Boards

The way in which we search the web is changing; there is a clear move towards multi device search journeys which is becoming ever more prominent as we reach the halfway point of 2013. Last year tablet consumption doubled in the UK and Germany, with Christmas seeing  a huge tablet boom thanks to  the introduction of more affordable devices, coupled  with the advancement in smartphone and 3G technology, search habits are beginning to see a… read more

What’s changed in job board design in 12 months?

After almost one year of maternity leave from Madgex towers tending to a new baby, I have found myself in a rather unique and special position. I have found myself at a career intersection, between the old and new. Returning to the same role, having the same manager, new faces on the team, new projects, and a new and improved computer at a very tidy desk. It’s like the fresh start you get at a… read more

Accessibility for job boards – a document for clients

Web accessibility issues often come in and out of focus according to media attention but it’s something that we at Madgex have a continuing commitment to. As a part of this we provide a document for our clients to helps maintain a level of accessibility on a job board. As the providers of a service we have the responsibility to make these services as accessible as possible but also to provide support and promote awareness… read more

Get the basics right before you try to delight – the Kano model

Recently I came across the Kano model (bought to my attention by a User Experience colleague). It’s a model developed in the 1980s by Japanese professor Noriaka Kano to measure the product development and customer satisfaction. At the moment I’m carrying out some research with the objective of enhancing our Recruiter Services and I thought it might be useful as an evaluation system for my research. The customer experience of a product is seen to have three attributes:… read more