Design & UX

Responsive web design and accessibility – a marriage made in heaven?

When we recently carried out an accessibility audit of our new responsive job board platform we were particularly keen to learn how the new platform design would perform compared to our previous version. Accessibility is an important issue in web design. Every individual using the internet has the right to access same information on the web and to have a positive and equal experience. Accessible design is about enabling access for every user, regardless of… read more

Design process update: Replacing traditional mock-ups with style tiles

When we moved to delivering projects on our new responsive platform in January this year, we quickly realised that we would need to make some changes to our design process to better communicate and present responsive work to clients. Before we had a responsive product we had been mocking up a desktop view of static pages in Illustrator or Photoshop, working through various iterations and then handing over a signed off design to be built… read more

Language, layout and the typographic details

Now that the design team is nearing completion of the responsive Jobseeker site, I am starting work on bringing the same responsive principles over to the self-service Recruiter Services Portal. All of our responsive products are increasingly being delivered to international markets. One of the challenges for a designer is to design responsive layouts for multiple languages. This week a colleague pointed out that some buttons could be problematic, as in his experience over the… read more

How To Increase Job Board Conversion Rates With A/B Testing

Have you ever wondered what effect changing the position or wording of a link or button would have on increasing your job board’s conversion rates? Are you always thinking about ways to improve the performance of your job board – job views, applications, JBE sign ups? A/B testing is a really great way of getting answers to questions like these and achieving better site performance. What is A/B testing? A/B testing, or split testing, is a… read more

Get the basics right before you try to delight – the Kano model

Recently I came across the Kano model (bought to my attention by a User Experience colleague). It’s a model developed in the 1980s by Japanese professor Noriaka Kano to measure the product development and customer satisfaction. At the moment I’m carrying out some research with the objective of enhancing our Recruiter Services and I thought it might be useful as an evaluation system for my research. The customer experience of a product is seen to have three attributes:… read more

The joys of mobile usability testing


There are so many blog posts about the logistics of carrying out mobile usability testing it can be difficult to see the wood from the trees. When I was planning the testing for our new mobile web app I ended up going around in circles to research the best method and set-up to use. Mobile testing can be problematic in terms of ergonomics, cost and efficiency. We’ve done a couple of rounds of testing now… read more

Madgex Accessibility Audit

As part of Madgex’s dedication to continuously improving user experience for our clients and jobseekers, we recently conducted an in-depth accessibility audit for our Job Board and CV Search & Match platforms. Headed by our new Lead UX Consultant Tracy Godding and Front End Developer Katrina Alves de Sousa, the aim of the audit was to gauge the current level of accessibility but also to highlight areas for immediate and future improvement. Why is accessibility… read more