Maximise your recruitment revenues

Our job board software offers a rich variety of revenue-generating sales inventory spanning the web, email, mobile and social media. As part of our research led product development programme we continually add new innovative revenue-generating opportunities. We apply our experience to help you establish the best combination of features for maximising the revenue from your job board, then provide you with marketing tools to help you fulfil that potential.

Advertising–based revenues

We provide an extensive range of recruitment advertising sales inventory to help maximize your profits. Recruiters can choose from a wide range of 27 different advertising options via the self-service portal each designed to maximize application rates. Once a recruiter has created an account they can start posting jobs immediately by purchasing credits via your chosen payment gateway.

To help attract and retain your recruiter audience you can create an infinite number of sophisticated propositions and packages tailored to a recruiter’s individual needs. Your sales team can sell both on and offline, managing everything through the Content Management System supported by comprehensive reporting providing exceptional management information.

Candidate database & display advertising

Beyond the job posting options our job board software also includes a candidate database. Recruiters can use the simple to use navigation system to search for relevant candidates based on a range of criteria. Once found, recruiters can select the candidate CV’s they wish to purchase and download at the click of a button.

To help further increase revenues you can also integrate display advertising throughout your job board. Display advertising can be used as part of an employer branding campaign or by using ad servers of your choice.


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