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Job scraping is a term used to describe the process of extracting jobs from an employer or recruiting website and automatically posting the information onto job boards where the employer wants to advertise. Some recruiters and employers find it easiest to post job adverts directly to their own websites, preferring to avoid the effort involved in posting ads directly to job boards. The Madgex Job Scraper caters perfectly for this kind of customer.

How it works

Illustration of Madgex Job Scraper Process


The Madgex job-scraping tool is the result of months of research and development ensuring the scraped data is the best possible quality. Often the quality of the information available is low and often critical categorization information is missing altogether. Creating good quality HTML and meta-information is vital both to the job seeker experience and also Search Engine Optimisation.


The flexibility of the Madgex scraping technology means that we can be exceptionally responsive when it comes to ongoing changes. Our team constantly monitors performance and can quickly identify any issues with the scraped data from the selected source sites.


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