Multi-lingual job board software

Madgex provides multi-lingual job board software and services globally. Our international client reach spans the Americas, Europe, Scandinavia, the Middle East, Asia and Australasia. This has resulted in significant development of our job board software to incorporate multiple language  and localisation capabilities.


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We have organically built knowledge of what it takes to operate successful online recruitment activities in these markets. Our job board software already supports a number of languages and we are here to help clients enter new international markets. Whether you are already running job boards internationally or looking to enter a new geographical market we can deliver a set of services designed to help you achieve a successful and profitable job board business.

Localising your job board

Every country has a unique set of cultural differences that requires careful consideration when designing and building a job board. Madgex has developed a range of customisable options specifically for clients who operate internationally or require a job board in multiple languages and currencies.

Madgex enables customers to cost effectively monetise international markets. For example we give our customers the ability to run single global sites that intelligently present information in local languages & terms. Or perhaps you want to expand your successful brand or business into a new territory quickly and cost effectively – or address a window of business opportunity presented by an event somewhere in the world?  We have now built up the technology, services and know how to help our clients capitalise on global opportunities in a way that drives a fantastic return on investment.

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