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Job Board Software

Madgex provide a complete job board solution for your online recruitment business. Our responsively designed platform delivers outstanding user experience – maximising your conversion rates and candidates engagement.

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Job Board Insight

An advanced Data Insight Product designed specifically to provide business leaders, sales directors, sales teams and marketing professionals with a new level of insight in how their business is performing, where sales opportunities exist and how to market cost effectively to create the demand to meet particular business goals.

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Job Scraping

Some recruiters and employers find it easiest to post job adverts directly to their own websites, preferring to avoid the effort involved in posting ads directly to job boards. The Madgex Job Scraper caters perfectly for this kind of customer.

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Native iPhone & Android Apps

Our latest generation of iPhone and Android apps harness the full power of your job board. The apps are fully branded and utilise push notifications to increase applications.

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