Job board software

Our SaaS platform is used by many of the world’s most successful media brands and provides the full range of tools needed to run a profitable online recruitment business. Fully flexible and highly configurable, our technology enables the perfect representation of your brand and a tailored approach to your markets and activities.

With a mix of usability research, analytics, benchmarking and market trends analysis, our technology has been honed for optimal performance over 15 years, so that our clients see optimal results and are always ahead of the competition.

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Additional products

Job Board Insight

Our advanced job board insight tool is a proprietary dashboard that gives your team the edge they need to beat target. Use the heightened understanding it provides to track down fresh revenue opportunities.

  • Visualise supply and demand in your business
  • Spot sales opportunities and marketing needs
  • Surface key metrics for data-led selling
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Smarter phone apps

Our branded iPhone app delivers a fast, fluid and intuitive interface that sets your job board experience apart.

  • A complementary offering for users who prefer the native app experience
  • Users can search and apply wherever they are
  • Drives higher response through push notifications
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Job scraping

Our job scraping service provides premium quality targeting and collection of jobs from anywhere on the web.

  • Automate job posting for your customers
  • Boost your job numbers with backfill
  • A fully managed and monitored service

Career Building Courses Software

Deepening engagement with your audience increasingly means broadening your services. Offer your audience more and connect them with the opportunity to further their expertise, learn new skills and take their careers to the next level.

Our innovative Course Board platform allows users to browse ultra-personalised training courses while opening up a fresh revenue stream for your business at the same time.