Innovative job board software

The job board market is extremely competitive and job board owners are increasingly looking for innovative solutions that will give them the edge over their competition. We constantly analyse and monitor the latest changes in technologies and market places to help further develop and enhance our job board software.

Our development team conducts extensive research and user testing to refine the additional features and functionality we include in our software. Outsourcing this process to a niche specialist such as Madgex reduces operational costs, facilitates rapid development & deployment. This improves and delivers a significantly improved return on investment with lower ongoing costs


Continuing innovation

To enable our clients to remain at the cutting edge of job board technology and maintain their competitiveness, Madgex provides all ongoing upgrades and product development in our license fees at no additional charge. Our continual enhancement programme is designed to integrate the latest technologies across a range of channels from desktop and mobile to social media and search engine optimisation.

User experience research

We are fanatical about user experience and invest heavily in research, user testing and analysing user journeys. Our aim is to make the jobseekers and recruiters experience of finding or posting a job, as simple, intuitive and worthwhile as possible. We don’t outsource user research because it’s integral to our design philosophy.

To ensure that your site has the best possible usability and conversion rates, we offer a range of user research services, including usability testing, prototyping, ethnography and eye tracking.
The result of investing in this area are products that are effective and easy to use. A good user experience also maximises your revenue. Madgex job products are carefully designed to convert casual visitors into loyal, regular users.

Job board design, branding and identity design

The design team at Madgex is a multi-disciplinary team consisting of visual designers, interaction designers and frontend developers, as well as our own in-house user experience consultant. Our team’s in depth knowledge of online recruitment means we fully understand the market and the business drivers that power your business. We cover all aspects of web and mobile design from audience research and information architecture to delivering stylish, well organised and easy to use sites that express our client’s brand values.


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