Working life at Madgex

We have an amazingly talented team that are extremely committed, loyal and love what they do. And to go some way to appreciate them we have regular socials, monthly well being programmes (including Yoga, sports and Swedish massage),  cake Fridays, fresh fruit, employee recognition schemes, table football, a lovely social room and more! Don’t get us wrong, we work hard at what we do but no day goes without having a bit of a laugh on the side too.

We love learning, listening and sharing, so when anyone learns something new we ask them to share it. Internal presentations and Lightning talks are actively encouraged when Madgexians are keen to shout about something new, exciting and innovative. Every six months we have Hack days where we can have a break from the norm, get to work with people we don’t normally work with and come up with new ideas. Oh and breakfast and pizza feature heavily!

We are passionate about getting things right for our clients and for our people, so naturally customer service and employee satisfaction features high upon our agenda.

Our culture and ethos

We have fairness, flexibility and trust running through our working ethos at Madgex.  But don’t just take our word for it – ask our staff or read what matters to us!  We conducted an anonymous survey asking “what are we really like as an employer”? Here’s just a few things our lovely people said;

Working in Brighton

Brighton has a long tradition of being one of the most creative cities in the UK. Over the last 10 years Brighton’s digital business community has grown rapidly and today boasts a diverse range of leading digital companies. Brighton also has other amazing benefits such as a great beach, vibrant nightlife,boutique restaurants & bars and various cultural festivals.

If you are looking to start a career in the digital industries Brighton is the ideal location to work. If you would like to contact us directly about our current or any future roles at Madgex then please send us an email

Current Vacancies

There are currently no job vacancies. Details are posted here when a job becomes available.

Employee Testimonials

“Madgex is a great place to work. The company culture is positive, relaxed and friendly and encourages creative thinking and innovation. Working with smart, creative people and a diversity of clients makes my work both interesting and challenging.”
Tracy Godding, User Experience Consultant, Madgex

“Madgex is accommodating and flexible, giving me the opportunity to work part-time. This allows me to stay focused on my career and simultaneously spend time with my two young children. Great life-work balance”
Marleen Kinder, Business Development Manager, Madgex