Junior C# .Net Software Developer

Stephanie Mills | 27th August 2015 | Jobs at Madgex

Would you like to join our innovative development team? Passionate about providing high quality service? We're hiring a C#.Net Software Developer to join our team in our Brighton office.

Mobilegeddon: Did Your Job Board Survive?

Stephanie Mills | 03rd August 2015 | Insights

If you’ve heard anything about Mobilegeddon, you will know that not so long ago, a reign of terror ruled many websites, scaring them into some much needed mobile action.

Why Job Boards Remain Popular

Stephanie Mills | 03rd August 2015 | Insights

With social media making big strides in the job vacancy advertising arena, job boards and other sources play a more important part than ever in the ‘recruitment mix’.

Developer Team Lead

Madgex | 15th July 2015 | Jobs at Madgex

We are looking for a Developer Team Leader to join our expanding team in Brighton. You will be expected to lead from the front and act as an inspiration to the team.

Tips for a Better Candidate Experience

Stephanie Mills | 08th April 2015 | Insights

We’ve all been in the position of the candidate, spending copious amounts of time sifting through jobs descriptions, painstakingly filling out application forms and patiently waiting (and waiting and waiting) for a reply from the prospective employer. We would t...
Digital Media Strategies took place in London earlier this month, bringing together over 400 CEOs and senior leaders from news, magazine, broadcast, B2B, STM and digital pureplay media businesses from around the world.On day 2 of the event, Ashleigh Highfield,...
Last week, we spent time listening to key strategic challenges behind developing a profitable and sustainable media business in a digital world at the Digital Media Strategies event in London.We will be running a series of blogs to cover...